Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Book Review: How May We Hate You by Anna Drezen and Todd Dakotah Briscoe

Just in time for summer travel season comes a book to tell how the other half lives. Not the rich and famous, but the nondescript concierge who only lives to serve. Or maybe not. The authors are two ex-actors who entered hospitality management to make ends meet between gigs. Needless to say by the title of the book, neither one found their true calling at the front desk.  How May We Hate You purports to give the dirt on what really goes on in the world of hospitality management, but doesn’t quite hit the mark.   

Quibbles and bits
The book is a short, quick read filled with vignettes and little drawings. The major fault is that it doesn’t go far enough and often reads as half done. It’s not gossipy enough to be a tell-all. The authors hint they’ve witnessed famous people acting in unprofessional or embarrassing manners, but don’t give names. Then why mention it at all? If you’re going to write a book like this and expect me to believe you, sorry I need the dirt.  Otherwise, I’m going to think you made it all up.

There’s not enough substance in the writing for it to be an exposé on the life of the concierge either.  While heavy on the snark, it’s light on the details and often comes off as merely two people crabbing about their jobs. Mind you, the stories, vignettes, and little quirky lists aren’t badly written. They range from mildly amusing to ho hum. I like a lot of the drawings. The authors apparently have a blog which is probably why much of the writing reads like rehashed posts. If you’re in the doctor’s office it’s a good way pass the time.  At a little over 100 pages you’ll probably breeze through it before called for the appointment. I did. In general, a reader will come away with more sympathy toward those who man the front desk, a chuckle or two, but not much else.   

Scratching my head on this one
I obviously don’t understand marketing.  The physical makeup of this book consists of heavy binding, sturdy cover, and pages of high quality paper. Why? It’s not the kind of book a person keeps forever. It’s a light read that takes about an hour, more fitting for a trade paperback found in an airport gift shop. Even the ebook is expensive at just shy of ten bucks.  I don’t get it.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for a review.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Vote for Me Means a Free EBook for You

My YA book, Rimrider, has been nominated for Kindle Scout. 

What the heck is that?
Kindle Scout is an Amazon publishing program for indy authors. Winning for me means a publishing contract and you will get a free copy of the ebook from Amazon when it's published. 

How can you help?
Easy. No fuss. No muss. No cost to you except a few seconds of your time. Simply take a moment to click on the link befow for Rimrider. I hope you'll find the description intriguing, and I greatly appreciate your support. Please feel free to pass the link on to any friends or family members who would be interested in a free book.

Thanks a ton. 

Kindle Scout Link for Rimrider 



Saturday, June 4, 2016

Cover Reveal for Moon, Mist, and Magic

Take a gander at our gorgeous new cover designed by Abigail Owen. Moon, Mist & Magic is a paranormal anthology ebook with stories contributed by four lovely ladies and one old poot (me.) The release date will be August 4 and price is 99 cents with all proceeds donated to the World Wildlife Fund. 

Get ready to be enchanted by mythical beasts, magical creatures, and moonlit nights. Enjoy your favorite author, and perhaps discover someone new, in these five fantastic tales of paranormal romance woven with moon, mist, and magic… 

A Ghost of a Chance by Abigail Owen 
What’s a girl to do when her brother’s ghost appears asking for help? If that wasn’t bad enough, finding her not-dead-yet brother’s body before he becomes permanently spectral isn’t her only problem. Josie can’t save him on her own. The only person who can help is the last person who would want to. Bryce Evans, a man she once wrapped hopes of her future around, can’t stand to be near her. How can she convince him when her evidence is a ghost he can’t see? 

Dangerous Dreams by J.C. McKenzie 
As a dragon shifter in hiding, Lara Stone wants nothing to do with others of her kind or finding a mate. No way, no how. She's perfectly content to work for a security company, masquerading as a simple mage. When the leader of all the dragon clans personally requests her as a bodyguard, Lara fears her secret is blown, or worse. What danger could possibly make Rafael Dragoi, the powerful Astarot, seek protection? 

Myths and Legends 101 by L.A. Kelley 
Flickering lights. Strange drifting shadows. Unnatural cold. Anthropology professor Jim Calloway is convinced the recent eerie phenomena at Octavian College are due to his overactive imagination until he meets Keilana Yamada and her eccentric grandfather, Toshi. Dazzled by the beautiful Keilani, Jim volunteers to help hunt for an ancient evil roaming the ivied halls. Can a mild-mannered academic find his inner demon hunter and a way into Keilani’s heart? Or will a supernatural predator with an insatiable hunger destroy them first? 

The Keeper by Sharon Saracino 
When a stranger lands on her slab, poisoned with silver and reeking of vampire, Medical Examiner Olivia Duncan fears someone's discovered her dangerous secret. Enter Nick Alexios, a mysterious man with a hidden agenda of his own. Olivia ignites his passion and challenges his loyalties, making him question his duty. Nick might be Olivia’s salvation...or her downfall. Will honor-bound promises drive them apart or unite them against threats from both near and far? 

Witch You Were Here by Maureen L. Bonatch 
Lucy is a witch with a successful business righting magical mischief. A call for help from her high-school heartache, Shane, prompts Lucy to manage his magical mayhem herself. No longer a nervous, hormonal, teenager, Lucy takes the case to force an apology and bury her past humiliation. To her surprise, Shane insists he couldn’t forget Lucy—because she hexed him ten years ago. Will Shane and Lucy put their past behind them, or will the spell prove permanent?